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Some kind resident chose to key my (brand-new to me) month old 2011 Jeep Cherokee down the guests side and after checking out the reviews here I decided to take it to Kevin to get fixed. Best ... Decision ... Ever. Kevin is a master of his craft and I would picture what he and his group have no idea about body work isn't really worth understanding. They even cleaned up the interior and offered it a spit shine and polish prior to they offered it back. And they got it done faster than originally quoted. If I need more work done, I'll certainly be going back. Thanks men! Looks brand brand-new.

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Don't bother wanting to go anywhere else. This place is the very best. After my sweetheart's vehicle was backed into on the street, we got in touch with ICBC and were provided a big list of certified places to go get our vehicle fixed. We live downtown, so started calling all the downtown places- all which had wait times. (This place is listed in the East Van category) I decided to come on Yelp and check out what people were saying about various autobody stores. This led me to KP's. After checking out the wonderful evaluations, I informed my boyfriend to call them up. They said they would have a look that afternoon, so we booked an appointment. Kevin is the owner of the bodyshop. He really cares about the work he does. He gave me a good tip of the very best method to repair my automobile, while keeping the most worth. He was friendly, well-informed, and happy to take my vehicle in faster than the other guys. When it went in there, we got the automobile back in method better condition than. Everything was fixed, fully detailed inside and out, and he even went the additional mile on attempting to assist go out a few dings the vehicle had before the accident. If I ever got in another mishap, I would never ever believe of going anywhere else, and neither ought to you.


Brought my vehicle to KP's Auto Body Shop after reading a number of reviews from Yelp and Google. The body shop itself doesn't look super classy or anything, in fact I believed the location looked a bit dubious when I first arrived and was thinking about reversing. However I was quickly greeted by the owner Kevin who was friendly and extremely friendly. This was the very first time I ever brought my cars and truck in for body repair work so I discussed my circumstance and Kevin very completely described the process of how it worked. It explained both how ICBC deals with claims and precisely what they are going to finish with my vehicle. He also offered me a trip of the body shop showing my examples of what they are doing with the cars there and exactly what they are going to made with my automobile. In addition to my repair, Kevin also concurred to let me leave my automobile with them for the week that I left for getaway and gave me a flight to the skytrain station after I dropped off my automobile. When I came back from my vacation my cars and truck was as great a new and I was stress totally free. They also cleaned the within of my vehicle and waxed my tires and everything. Due to the fact that it made the inside of my car odor as if it just came out of the showroom, I even asked him what kind of cleansing agent he used. Extremely pleasent experience.


Auto Body Shop Repair

Among the very best client experiences I've ever had for any service. I can see why Kevin has beened around given that 1976 and how everyone gives him such strong evaluations. First, the work was exceptional ... my automobile hasn't looked this good since it rolled off the lot. Second, his guys put in the time to do an exceptional detail task, as just part of the service, exceeding and beyond. Third and most significantly, he and his ideal hand guy Louis took the time to obtain to know me and fulfill my concerns. My car was done 2 days earlier than among the big chains had actually quoted me. If you're in the marketplace for body work or an insurance claim, these guys are by far the very best option.


I took my daughters car here for repair works for a small fender bender. When promised, they did a terrific job and provided. They even cleaned the cars and truck inside and out. I would use them once again. I spouse had her door ripped in her brand-new Audi. I took the vehicle to Ficarro's. They had the cars and truck longer then guaranteed however they did a great task again.

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Roger conserved me $100's. When other body shops and my dealer informed me it had to be changed, he made my harmed bumper look brand name new! This is a terrific location. They are truthful, expert and will help you out when others will not!


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When I damaged it striking a dear recently, I brought my BMW here. They were so good when I can be found in and treated me with such respect. The men put in the time to listen to my circumstance and they were completely truthful with me and gave me the finest deal that I received from any person (and I went to 3 other shops!). Ficarro's made my vehicle appearance brand new once again in less than a week and they were just a fantastic organisation to deal with. Don't let the surrounding location scare you one bit, they are trustworthy and totally genuine, and I would definitely go there again (however ideally I won't have to!!).


The finest body shop in the IE. My Camry was hit by a hit and run did some research study and discovered this shop. My Camry was left fresh and I was treated with regard and professionalism. I definitely advise you to take your company to them you will not regret it.


Vehicle Body Shop Near Me

I ought to have posted this earlier and my apologies to Kevin for refraining from doing so. I have genuinely never experienced the type of customer care that I got at KP's vehicle body shop. Not only did he make all the repair works that were needed from my parked car being front-ended, but he went method beyond the call and attempted to fix all the other dings and dents and fractures on my cars and truck (and there were many) because he desired to be an excellent neighbour and he wished to show the quality of the service offered. Individuals I understand do not think it is the same vehicle that I own now. They believe I must have traded up, bought a new automobile, or spent for extensive repairs. And, I paid nothing. Fortunately the person/people accountable for the damage let ICBC understand that they were responsible and Kevin did the repairs in record time and threw in numerous extras that I will be forever in his financial obligation. If I still drive a vehicle, and if I ever require repair works, I understand where I'm going. This is way more than a 5 star review. This is as great as it gets. Rich N.



After my boyfriend's vehicle was backed into on the street, we got in touch with ICBC and were given a substantial list of accredited places to go get our vehicle repaired. Brought my automobile to KP's Auto Body Shop after checking out numerous evaluations from Yelp and Google. He likewise offered me a trip of the body shop showing my examples of what they are doing with the cars there and what they are going to do with my car. In addition to my repair, Kevin also agreed to let me leave my vehicle with them for the week that I left for getaway and provided me a trip to the skytrain station after I dropped off my vehicle. Not just did he make all the repairs that were required from my parked automobile being front-ended, however he went way beyond more info the call and tried to fix all the other dings and read more dents and cracks on my vehicle (and get more info there were numerous) since he wanted to be a great neighbour and he wanted to show the quality of the service provided.

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